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The company first started as a print house for cards in 2001 before it shifted to commodity dealing and general trading in 2007.



The company engages in selling all types of paper including bond paper, NCR paper, manila paper & bank paper, stationery, foodstuff (perishable and non-perishable), petroleum products, hardware equipment including electronics & electrical equipment and general trading.





The company mission is to provide our customers with all that they require at a fair price.



VISION be the first choice for the supply of high quality commodities and in east Africa and beyond.



  • Build and distribute better products than the competitors.
  • Expand into new markets to the rest of Africa.
  • To build long-term relationships and maximize customer satisfaction through our products customer service.




Our clients consists of a large section of public and private companies:- Government ministries, Local authorities, Churches, NGO’s, Financial institutions, Manufacturers, Private businesses and Individual customers.