Cheque printing


Punchlines specializes in printing cheques for many Banks in Kenya and across East Africa. We have developed cheque security features in both design and materials.

We are an accredited member of the Kenya Bankers Association (KBA).Our cheque printing and delivery solutions incorporate industry-leading technologies and techniques to safeguard your cheques against fraudsters attempting to duplicate, alter, or counterfeit cheques.

Punchlines provides the ideal platform for all your cheque printing requirements. We can print any size or format of cheque in any number of colors and offer a wide variety of overt and covert security features (many over and above the requirements of C&CCC), including bespoke security background designs, watermarked CBS1 cheque paper, anti-photocopy features, thermochromatic inks and holograms.

We produce continuous cheques and cut sheet-cheques in any of the following formats;

  • System Cheques
  • Cheque Books
  • Cheque with Remittances of different sizes i.e A4, A3 e.t.c

Our security features:-

  • Security Inks
  • Security paper
  • Foils and Holograms
  • Security numbering

Dividend cheques

Punchlines offers a host of dividend cheque printing solutions, ranging in:-

  • Diffrent sizes e.g (3',4' 6' with remittance advice or notice, 8' ,12'with remittance advice or notice, or as per the customer requirements). full color corporate logo.
  • Individual dividend cheque personalization.
  • Continuous form.
  • Sheet form.
  • Cheque Book form.

Applications include :-Dividend Warrant, Dividend notice