Frequently Asked Questions

Office Partitioning


We have office partitioning systems available to suit all tastes and budgets and can match up with your existing partitioning system if required.

Partitions are available as either solid or glass and include various options for doors, manifestations and trims. Our systems range from budget demountable systems through to high end seamless glass systems.

As well as making sure the partitioning looks great it's important the right materials are selected too. It goes without saying that confidential conversations don't want to be heard through meeting room walls, so selecting the right materials is paramount. We'll make sure the right system is proposed for your business.


We know it's important your business continues to operate without disruption. Thats why we design a personalised programme around the way you work, to keep your business fully operational.

For any tasks during the project that may be disruptive, we'll look to perform these on an evening or weekend.

It's also important to protect your existing carpets and fittings. Thats why we supply and fit protective materials before we start.


Yes. When creating new rooms there will be alterations required to the electrics, and fire alarm system. Other items to consider are heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

We will advise you on all these aspects and provide you with a clear 'shopping list' style quotation, that clearly displays all the items required for your project.


Yes, it's a really important part of the project. Whenever you alter the footprint of your building you must obtain building control approval.

We achieve this by appointing an approved building control officer on your behalf. The building control officer takes care of sending all the drawings and specifications to the relevant authorities.

Building regs are designed to keep people safe in case of a fire or power cuts. They also make sure that any works conform to any disabled access requirements.


Smaller projects (single office builds) can be completed within a couple of days. For larger projects it depends on the complexity of the build.

Before commencing your office partitioning project, we will provide an accurate programme of works. This clearly shows how long the project will take and what is happening on each day.